Get To Know Anthony Frank Lacina V

Well look who it is! Our very own Photographer/Editor, Graduate of 2012, Anthony Frank Lacina V. And look how great he looks in his MCPHS jacket!

We had to start off somewhere, and why not with our very own co-developer for the Alumni Communications and Outreach Committee?

Anthony’s been overcoming his commitment issues, while simultaneously adhering to his 10 year plan – and of course, getting some quality cat time in. Get to know him…

Hi Anthony. Give me your best 30 second elevator speech.

My name is Anthony Frank Lacina V. By title, I am part of the School of Nursing Staff at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS). I actively supervise six class representatives, have complete oversight of the Nursing Peer Mentor program along with advising 40 Nursing Peer Mentors, serve as the staff advisor to the National Student Nurses Association and Public Health Club (new name pending), teach first year seminar, completely run (plan, develop, organize, run, and assess) the MCPHS Mission Hill Public Health Fair, serve on the Student Affairs and Curriculum Committees, and place students in their clinical setting (among other duties). Alongside my full-time job, I am a candidate for master of public health at MCPHS, work at a pharmacy part-time (to keep myself updated with the latest drugs, dosage therapies, and other public health related affairs), and freelance photographer.

Busy guy! What made you want to be an administrator in higher ed?

I have always had a niche for education; I believe this is an imperative time to mold America’s future. Although my career vision and goals have dramatically altered since attending, and graduating, from the Suffolk University AHE program, I still see myself on the faculty / administration side of higher education.

As a Suffolk alum, can you tell us your favorite part about the program?

When I think about my time as a graduate student at Suffolk, two things pop up: the community and location. I was amazed by my colleagues and faculty; everyone is completely invested in their education and success as practitioners in the field. The faculty members are available at all times to help us succeed – and let me stress: help us succeed. They are willing to go the extra mile which is unheard of. Finally, the location is perfect! Suffolk is literally in the heart of Boston; there are so many options for practica and networking. Now how many people can say they have that opportunity?

Name one thing that even your closest friends don’t know.

Everyone thinks, and may know me as, a commitment-phobe. However, I have committed to taking a multi-vitamin for 4-months straight and had my current phone for over a year. Guys, that’s huge!

I’m glad you’re doing your best to stay healthy and hanging onto phones beyond the upgrade date.  Now, our favorite question – where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I am disgusting and I have a 10 year plan. Here it is!

  • ·        December 2014: Graduate with my MPH from MCPHS and gain a research position at a local, yet nationally ranked, hospital or medical center to study risky behavior within the adolescence / college-aged population (specifically infectious diseases: STI, HIV/AIDS). Stay working at MCPHS as an adjunct professor
  • ·        Some point 2015: Begin PhD in epidemiology (looking at Harvard School of Public Health or Boston University); continue working in research while securing a position as Assistant Professor of Public Health.
  • ·        Some point in 2019: Move up the academic administrative ladder while continue publishing and research on the side.
  • ·        Present – Future: Enjoy life to the fullest, make amazing connections and networks, always trying new foods, and working on my photography. Potentially become a crazy cat man (Eleanor will always be my favorite, though).
Wow. Quite the itinerary! Last question… If you aren’t at work, where are you?

If I am not at MCPHS, or the pharmacy, I can be found roaming the streets of Boston/Cambridge/Somerville with my camera or snuggling with Eleanor, my cat.

Contact Anthony ( with any questions or comments about his education and career path!