Get To Know Robby Binnall

Robby is a current student in the AHE program and will be graduating in December! We hope you enjoy getting to know him…


Robby, tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi, my name is Robert Binnall, but almost everybody calls me Robby or Rob.  I am from Fitchburg, MA and received a Bachelor of Arts in History Education from Nichols College.  Currently, I am working on a Masters degree at Suffolk University in Administration of Higher Education and have worked in both their Residence Life and Orientation offices.  I also spent this past summer at Ithaca College and now work in Residence Life at Lesley University. Photography has become a passion of mine over the past year and I hope to couple that with my higher education career.  The two most important lessons I have learned as a life long learner is to always remember to have fun and be yourself.  I also believe that trying new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone is important to growing as a person and it has helped me to become who I am today.

You’re in your last semester of the program; how well prepared do you feel to enter the working world of higher education?

I feel extremely well prepared. My classes and fellowship in the Residence Life and Housing Office at Suffolk have challenged me to grow both personally and professionally and I was able to see this growth in both my experiences as a NODA intern at Ithaca College and my assistantship as a Graduate Resident Assistant at Lesley University.  I feel confident in my decision making and have developed a portfolio of student development materials that have proved to be useful to both me and my colleagues. The program has allowed me to learn both inside the classroom and from experience, which is critical in this field.

Tell us more about your fellowships and assistantships.

In my first year at Suffolk, my fellowship was in the Residence Life and Housing office where I was a Graduate Residence Director and was able to participate in a professional staff on call rotation.  I responded to crises and supported the resident assistants on call.  I was also able to supervise the RA programming and hold 1:1 meetings with my staff on a weekly basis.  I also had amazing support from a full time Residence Director and other professional staff.  At the same time I held a Practicum position in the Office for Orientation and New Student Programs.  While here I was encouraged to apply for a NODA internship for the summer and was fortunate to be selected by Ithaca College where I had an amazing summer, making connections and friends that I will never forget.  I was also able to secure an assistantship for the 2013-2014 academic year at Lesley University as a Graduate Resident Assistant with my Practicum being in the Athletics Department.

What advice would you give to prospective, incoming, and new students about keeping a balance between work, school, and personal life? 

In my senior year of college this was a struggle for me as a student teacher.  My advice would be to work hard, but be sure to find something outside of work that you do solely for enjoyment and relaxation.  Be organized, communicate with your supervisor and professors, and take time to yourself.  Personally my keys to staying energized are working out, meditating, spending time with friends, and capturing Boston’s beauty through the lens of my camera.

It is no secret that you are a great photographer! When did get into photography? 

First of all thank you!  I actually first got into photography when I first moved into my room at 150 Tremont.  I started taking pictures of my amazing view from my window overlooking the common and Back Bay.  My friends would joke “oh another sunset picture from Robby”, but then I kind of just ran with it.  I started trying different editing apps on my iPhone and purchased a point and shoot Nikon, which allowed me to take the next step.  However, I wanted more results and more creativity with my pictures and so I purchased an iPhone lens and most recently a DSLR Nikon camera so stay tuned for some new and exciting captures!

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